My Favorite Organic Gardening Soil Amendments & Where to Buy in North Texas

John from visits DFW Organic Growing to share with you some of his favorite organic soil amendments and why they are important for your garden.

In this episode, John visits this Organic Gardening Supply store that is co-located with an Auto Body shop to share with you some of his favorite organic gardening products including soil amendments and organic fertilizers.

You will learn about some of the very products that John uses in his garden and how you can purchase them in Dallas / Fort Worth Area of North Texas.

Along the way, John will share some valuable information about these organic gardening products and how they can enable you to grow a healthier, and bigger garden.

You will learn about Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Compost Tea, Insect Frass, Organic Ant Control, Neem Oil, Dr. Earth’s Bagged Soi Products, Diatomaceous Earth, an easy to assemble raised bed garden especially for renters.

Finally, John will interview Steven, the owner of DFW Organic Growing

17:33 Interview Start
17:40 Why did you start selling organic gardening products in Dallas/Ft Worth?
19:48 What do you like to grow in the DFW area?
21:34 What is the special soil mix you used in grow bags to get amazing results?
22:45 Where do you see DFW Organic Growing in a Year from now?
24:20 Special Discount for my GYG Viewers who visit Steven at DFW Organics
25:50 What is the contact information for DFW Organic Growing so people can call before driving down?

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Learn more about DFW Organic Growing

Call them before driving to pick up supplies:
(817) 750-2893
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